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Südkurier (Click!) am 10. April 2002: "... Von einem modernen Internet-Editor kann man kaum mehr erwarten."

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Paul's Picks Shareware Winner

netnewsletter 06/2001: "...das Zusammenführen von Texteditor, Textverarbeitung und Bildbetrachter kann dem Anwender schon die Arbeit erleichtern und gleichzeitig Arbeitsspeicher sparen."

***** Höchstwertung, Tagestipp (22.1) bei ZDNet Deutschland

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5/5 Sternen 5 von 5 Sternen von ZDNet
Pad is an excellent productivity application that combines an image viewer with a powerful text editor that has lots of bells and whistles. It offers an attractive tabbed multidocument interface and a host of tools that make it a fine choice for writing HTML code. Change case, HTML conversions, an HTML color picker, template support, and an integrated cliplist are among these features. An integrated file browser, full .rtf support, text and file bookmarking, print preview, and powerful search-and-replace features are also offered. A glossary feature lets you save keystrokes by using your own shorthand techniques. For all it does well, Pad doesn't offer multilevel undo (upcoming) or spell-checking. Excellent documentation is available.

Eine kleine Auswahl von Kommentaren der Benutzer:

Wirklich gutes Programm indem alle meiner Wünsche erfüllt werden...

Ich habe mir vor einigen Tagen Pad 2.7beta heruntergeladen und muss sagen, dass es ein Tool ist, um so ziemlich ALLES zu erledigen! Ich zum Beispiel benutze es hauptsächlich zum Editieren von HTML-Seiten, und es hat all' die Optionen, die man in so genannten "HTML-Editoren" vergeblich sucht, beispielsweise die Möglichkeit, eigene Vorlagen zu benutzen (was für mich recht wichtig ist).

I've grown to really love Pad. I use my computer almost every day, and save to text files as they leave a smaller footprint on my hard drive. Now, every morning, a beautiful image of a butterfly clinging to the petals of a flower greets me as I open Pad. I have two well known, expensive word processors on my machine and I prefer Pad for all my initial drafts and writing, copy-pasting into the word processor once all the real work is done.
Nowadays, I'm resentful when I get into any situation where my Format: UPPERCASE/lowercase is absent!

Pad does all for me and is the ONLY tool i use for making my website, it is easy to use, quick and is a perfect replacement for people who use Notepad to edit their websites. (it also made me think sometimes because i had german messages come up now and again):) GREAT PROGRAM.

I love your text editor. Its one of the best I have happen to ran across to. As for improving Pad, well, just keep updating and fixing those unfound bugs. :)

Just wanted to say thank you again. Pad replaces a few bulky and slow programs and still performs more tasks than all of them combined. Why aren't you working for Microsoft? Oh right, I forgot - you write good and stable programs. Well thanks a million.

just wanted to thank you for the best Editor i have ever used in my life!.Far out!, i just love it!.I'm serious man..this is the best i have ever used and i have used them all.I gave it a 10/10 on www.download.com co's man you deserve it.

I was very impressed with the graphics capabilities. I was able to open a graphics folder and view them very clearly, and very fast using the floating pad browser. I also liked the way it displays the text files, I could access them easily using the tabs at the top of the taskbar. Just wanted to let you know that I think it's a very fine product, and I intent to use it in place of my other editing software. Now I can view text files, and graphic files with one program.
Very good job thank you.

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